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All articles are true, only names have changed.

Abu Dhabi

  One day, I got an (early morning) email from a gentleman named Luke who was working in the Middle East.  He had been working there for a few years, designing palaces for the super wealthy Sheiks and Royal Families.  In Luke’s absence, his house keeper Rosa comes in a few times a week to [...]

Jewel Benz AKA Millie Grayson

So this is how things work in the PI business. The phone rings, and a potential client is on the other end.  They tell me their story and then they tell me what they think I need to know. That’s usually when I interrupt them and tell them that I know what I need to [...]

Secret Life of Private Investigators in Virginia Beach

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a private investigator? At Archer Investigations, we specialize in Surveillance, Background Investigations, Fraud Investigations, and Missing people in the Virginia Beach area. Our team of highly experienced private investigators use their skills to uncover the truth and help solve cases. By utilizing our extensive resources and [...]

Amiga Amiga

I was getting ready to leave my office when the phone rang. I dropped my stuff and walked over to my desk, picked up the phone, and said “hello.”  It was a woman named Valeria, calling from Mexico who sounded very worried about her son.  She explained that her son, Mateo was bi-polar and not medicated. She [...]


Chiva The year was 1995.  I had just moved from Virginia to California and found a small apartment in Venice Beach. I got a job working for a PI company in Los Angeles earning $ 10.00 per hour plus mileage and expenses.  The owner of the agency, Mr. Stevens, had been a FBI [...]

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